Process Statement

After working with leather for many years I decided to turn to a medium that would give me more control of color and pattern choices. The work on this site is the result of much trial and error on the path to developing a style of my own. I strive to create unique garments and accessories that you will love to wear. There are many steps involved in the completion of each piece. First fabric dying and overdying is done by brushing on color or using shibori techniques on natural fibers. Further surface design is added using various paints, dyes, resists and discharge agents. Several techniques are usually used to achieve the desired effect. These can include folding, printing, stamping and stenciling. I often combine organic forms with more abstract patterning. Once the fabric sections for each piece are completed they are cut and carefully sewn to make a classic garment shape that you will enjoy wearing for many years. If you are interested in a piece on this site that is not your size or you would like to be modified in some way please contact me( or 847-267-1407). A custom garment can be made especially for you.